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PRV Chess game pieces are all unique, hand-crafted, and one-of-a-kind sets. Each piece’s design is inspired by the look of modern Recreational Vehicles.

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Roger Phelps has long had a passion for RVs. He worked in the RV industry as a salesman for 11 years and goes on a yearly trip where he spends over a month traveling across the US. This long time interest was the inspiration for the PRV Chess game pieces. Each piece from King to Pawn represents a different style or class of RV. Hand painted accents and inlays represent the windows and axles.

Key Chess Set Features

  • Every PRV Chess set comes with 32 hand-crafted pieces.
  • Each of the chess pieces are hand colored.
  • Color and woods will vary and our noted in the pictures for you.
  • Each set will include 2 types of wood, a light and dark wood.
  • Each piece is weighted so that it feels good in your hand.
  • Each set is unique and inspired by the look of modern Recreational Vehicles.

Board is purchased separately and not included.

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